Valley of Hell

We arrived late night to the guesthouse

It was cold, so we gathered around the soubia

After a filling dinner, we were mesmerized with the night view from the roof.

Waking up the next day

I'm impressed with the diversity of food, service and culture in Lebanese guesthouses

Wadi Jhannam is left raw and natural, and there's only one village

Making a friend before hiking

Soon after we started hiking, we had to walk through a freezing creek

The area is swamped with streams, we had to cross another creek

We followed the sounds of a blissful stream off trail

For a moment, I was king of the valley

Midway, two donkeys were in the wild. They ran away at first.

But then they walked slowly in front of us, as if leading the way.

Winter shade of green

Photogenic paths

Soft natural lights

Because it's a deep valley, the sun disappeared early, and nature showed off its blue shades

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