Chouf Winterland

The scenes of a biosphere the day after a snowstorm

Puppies greeted our arrival to Barouk Biosphere in Chouf

There was no snow at the entrance, but it became plentiful at higher altitudes

Entering Barouk reserve

It had just snowed the day before, making the trees as glorious as they can get

Gloves and snowshoes on

A hill full of cedars caught my eye, and we decided to climb to its peak

My friends didn't have snowshoes, but the incredible scenery made them forget the annoyance


Snow framed the branches of cedars in an artistic way

Drenched with snow, it was hard to even make out the cedars

The final steps before reaching the peak

Once on top, we sat under a short cedar that's wide enough to welcome us all

A glass of wine in this cold and mystical scene did wonders

After spending some magical moments, we slid our way back down

Sadly, we had to leave the reserve which closes early during winter

We drove around and found a spot to enjoy the cloudy sunset.